Real leaders excel by their attitude

Real leadership, in service of people and society

Real leaders excel by their attitude and by the way they look at the world and deal with it. Nowadays, we live in an intercultural and rapidly changing world where the human potential is the primary driver of economic growth. Today’s leaders lack the attitude and competencies to lead successfully in this context.

For many organisations, this means re-evaluating current leadership programmes and finding new methods to develop the human leadership potential. There are many training programmes in the market that aim to help first-line managers to develop their management skills, but what if you have been working as a manager for several years and are about to be promoted to middle or senior management, or to an intercultural leadership role where you will be required to convert your organisation's mission into a vision and strategy for your department? What if your team consists of highly-skilled young people from different cultures? Then finding a training programme that meets all these different needs and requirements may prove to be a challenge.

The Training & Coaching Square developed the programme "Real leadership, in service of people and society" to meet these needs. The focus lies on developing the necessary leadership attitudes as described above. The programme consists of five training days in a group, spread over a period of 6 months.

TIP: This programme is also available as an individual trajectory - the trainer-coach will develop a tailor made programme for you for the same budget as the open programme. Feel free to request additional info:

Extra information about the SME Portfolio:

Please request to start the grant application no later than 5 working days before the start of training.Please pay the remaining amount (accommodation and VAT) immediately after receipt of the invoice, on behalf of The Coaching Square, at least 5 working days before the start of training. The SME portfolio is a subsidy measure of the Flemish government.
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Are you interested to know whether you are a real futureproof leader? Download our white paper with tips and reflection question as a starter.

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  1. Price for the training Real leadership, in service of people and society | 5d : €  2845 (+ 21% VAT)
  2. Inclusief catering + locatie € 370 (+ 21% VAT) & exclusief BTW

Our customers about us

It's important to closely look at your current method of working and question it

The current business landscape is constantly changing. As a manager, you must evolve along with it. This calls for a different method of leadership. It's important to closely look at your current method of working and the need to question your own role. Actually listen to people, ask their input and allow them to formulate ideas instead of always seeking solutions based on your own expertise; this is not easy and will require time to adjust to. This calls for interaction instead of simply steering. Based on this realisation, coaching can really help. A coach can act as a sounding board for you, without being pre-judgemental; a coach inspires self-reflection and awareness. Converting this into concrete actions is the real challenge. During the 'People-Focused Management' programme, we handled all these matters. It was very inspiring!

Sonia Vermeire (Publicarto)

If you dare to open yourself, the training is definitely worthwhile

People tend to be sceptical when participating in a new training programme, or ask themselves how will I benefit from this? The participants were forced to take a critical look at themselves. This was done via a step-by-step approach, discussing one subject after another and through group discussions, etc. The answers were not always evident, and sometimes it was very confrontational. It was refreshing to see how open the group was, and how everyone dared to show vulnerability; this provided valuable insights, and yes, I dare to assert that everyone benefited from it. It provided insight into your own abilities and approach, being yourself, while being part of a group. In short, if you dare to open yourself, the training is definitely worthwhile.

Thierry Van Daele (Campina)

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