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GROW© is an advanced training program for coaches who have already attended a specialized coaching training course and who have gained previous field experience as a coach. The GROW is part 2 of our ACTP program “ROOT-GROW” that leads you to ICF certification on ACC or PCC level, without having to pass a separate exam at the ICF. It is an innovative programme, continuously adapting to the challenges of this VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Chaotic & Ambiguous).


For experienced coaches, who already have a minimum of 50 hours of specific field coaching experience. As a coach you want to refine your coaching attitude in order to become ‘fully present’ for your client. To get to this stage, it is important that you feel good in the coaching process. We focus on your coaching attitude as a coach. You are the central tool in the growth process of the coachee. In order to enhance other people’s learning process, we need to know ourselves well, our strengths and our development areas.

Extra information about the SME Portfolio:

Please request to start the grant application no later than 5 working days before the start of training.Please pay the remaining amount (accommodation and VAT) immediately after receipt of the invoice, on behalf of The Coaching Square, at least 5 working days before the start of training. The SME portfolio is a subsidy measure of the Flemish government.
For more info, see www.agentschapondernemen.be. For subsidies in the Brussels region, please contact us on contact@coachingsquare.be.


At the end of this journey, you will:

  • Have developed your coaching competencies to a deeper level, using your 5 senses
  • Have become a sharper observer and reflect more systemati-cally and together with the coachee
  • Observe the coaching process from a meta-position
  • Discover the weight of emotions and true commitment
  • Have worked with beliefs and values
  • Have learned how you can stay flexible and yet balanced as a coach
  • Have  decided to engage in a life-long learning process
  • Be capable to professionally reflect on your own developmental journey


  • 5 learning blocks
  • Group intervision: integration of the learning material and preparation of the group supervisions
  • Group supervisions: 12 hours of intensive coaching exercises with video recording and feedback based on the 11 ICF coaching competencies
  • Coach-the-coach: 4 hours of personal coaching on your evolution as a coach
  • Support: specific questions will be handled by phone or mail
  • Rehearsal groups: in between the learning blocks participants make peer groups to rehearse, to practice and to give and receive feedback


A competency  screening of your coaching skills at the PCC level (International Coach Federation). A written competency based report on the 11 ICF competencies will be provided

In the course of the learning blocks you get to know the mechanism of convictions, values and emotions in the human evolution. You will learn how to be fully present and how to create a co-creative relation with your coachee, in order to encourage new behavior based on empowering beliefs. The door to ‘sustainable change’ will be opened with an understanding of the past, acceptance of the present and confidence in the future.  The mentoring exercises will help you to take control of your own learning process as a coach (manager coach, HR coach or external coach). You work on your mental and emotional state and get to know your own style as a professional coach. You challenge yourself in each of the 11 coaching competencies, by means of a test and adjust mentality and self-observation. You observe demos and  coaching sessions. You evolve and are no longer stuck in old patterns and habits.

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  1. Price for the training GROW - BECOME A CERTIFIED COACH - PART 2 | 11d + 4d : €  6510 (+ 21% VAT)
  2. Price location and catering are excluded € 940 (+ 21% VAT) & exclusief BTW



Thanks to having been granted a QFor certificate, customers of Training & Coaching Square can apply for subsidies via:

  • KMO Portefeuille - a portfolio of subsidies for SMEs in Flanders: new regulations apply as from 01/04/2016! Save between €10000 to €15000 (depending on the size of your company) on your training courses each year.
  • Agentschap Ondernemen - the Agency for Entrepreneurship of the Brussels Capital Region: This makes it possible for you to globally save €5000 on your training courses each year (50% subsidy)!

For more information, you can download this document.

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