The Bloom© coaching programme is aimed at advanced professional coaches and managers who want to coach executives and future-proof leaders in the VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Chaotic and Ambiguous). This is a revolutionary and pioneering programme, unique on the market, that can be continuously and flexibly adapted to the challenges that characterise our changing world. BLOOM focuses on your growth as a person and as a coach. ‘Becoming who you are’ is the guiding thread: from static being to dynamically evolving - even if you already know a great deal.


For professional coaches or manager-coaches passionate about overcoming ‘barriers’ and ensuring that both life and work are meaningful. For those who are ambitious and coaches and/or managers and want to be seen as professional and credible. For those who want to lend shape tot heir first or second career at every level of development: being - thinking - doing - feeling - having. For professional coaches and/or managers who would like to be able to coach with comfort at identity level in both a professional and a personal context.


  • Coaches who have successfully completed the GROW programme will be welcome without an intake session.
  • Coaches who have not been through the ROOT-GROW programme are also welcome. They are invited for a competency screening based on the 11 ICF competencies at PCC level, followed by personal feedback. By going through this competency screening, you will allow yourself to make a reflective start and set out your developmental objectives for this two-year growth journey. The intake session should be paid for separately.


After BLOOM, you feel comfortable with ‘not knowing’ - you can cope with the unforeseeable entanglements of these changing times. You have a rich store of methods, insights, procedures, research moments and topics, explorations and confrontations, feedback, intervisions and life coaching experience. You will be able to coach with greater comfort in the following areas:

You will be able to coach with confidence in areas such as:

  • I don’t like my life as it is now
  • Why do I keep on running into the same pitfalls all my life?
  • What is the sense of my life? How can I  make the best of things?
  • I want to be more in balance in my life.
  • It feels like I’m heading for burn-out, CVS, depression, etc.
  • What is my mission in life?
  • I want to restore my self confidence
  • I want to live in line with my values
  • I don’t know how to change things that have dominated my life until now
  • I want to take control of my life!
  • I want to survive this identity crisis …
  • I want to know what drives me, what makes me do things as I do, etc.

To make sure you can guide your clients working from your comfort zone, it is important for you to be aware of your own strengths, pitfalls, survival strategies, drivers and mission. During this course, we will work together on your image of self-realisation, supporting you as you become the professional coach you want to be.


We support you in your efforts to become a challenging coach who intends to enable a ‘shift’, an unprecedented effect coach without restrictions. This programme gives you:

  • A high professional standard as coach
  • More successful coaching results, including at senior and executive management level
  • Greater impact and sustainable, long-term results
  • The latest modern theoretical background and insights that will allow you to better understand the effects of transition processes and influence the process more consciously together with the client
  • A deep awareness of your own drivers, your mission, your patterns and your identity beliefs as a coach
  • Greater self-regulation and self-leadership
  • The ability to recognise therapeutic questions and psychopathological issues and to refer to other professionals with confidence.
  • The ability to coach from a role model position
  • More enjoyment of your coaching as you are in a co-creative ‘flow’ together with your client
  • Self-confidence and the wish to be able to help with any coaching questions whatsoever
  • A lifelong learning process, actively seeing feedback...


The course consists of 12 group training days, 4 half-day group integration supervisions and 2 integration days, making a total of 16 days. Between the modules participants take up their responsibility to take responsibility for integrating what they have learned and applying it in their own practice. The programme is spread over 18 months in order to encourage continuous learning. The results of the learning process are presented in a personal ‘portfolio’ file.

This 18-month continuous learning process is  supported by:

  • 4 half-day group supervisions, overseen by MCC-certified coaches. During these supervisions, you will demonstrate what you have integrated from the previous module and you will receive systematic feedback on your 11 ICF competencies and the level of integration of new methods and knowledge.
  • Support: specific questions can be asked by email or by telephone
  • Integration tasks: between the modules, we ask participants to try out and apply what has been covered during the previous module, either on the own process and/or on the process with clients. A reflection on the results is included in the portfolio.
  • Monitoring progress: between each module, a co-creative evaluation of your progress is carried out by a buddy coach.
  • Mentor Coaching: to be able to apply this high level of coaching skills and attitude, it is highly crucial that participants are coached or supervised on their own process. Coaching hours with TCS coaches are optional in this programme. We encourage each participant to choose a coach at the start of the programme who has a minimum of 2,000 hours of practise.(MCC level or similar).


Every topic in the Bloom course can be applied to participant’s own process own process as well as with clients.

Each topic needs to be visited from three points of view: 

  1. comprehension and the ability to what has been said in their own words
  2. methods of exploring, observing and recognising issues during a co-creative partnership with clients
  3. ways to invite the clients to long-term application and integration.

As the programme developers, we reserve the right to switch programme items between modules, as and when the development progress requires.

Extra information about the SME Portfolio:

Please request to start the grant application no later than 5 working days before the start of training.Please pay the remaining amount (accommodation and VAT) immediately after receipt of the invoice, on behalf of The Coaching Square, at least 5 working days before the start of training. The SME portfolio is a subsidy measure of the Flemish government.
For more info, see For subsidies in the Brussels region, please contact us on

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