ENNEAGRAM: Level 2 Advanced Team Dynamics (ENG)

Our Level 2 training builds on the platform established in Level 1, to explore and understand Advanced Enneagram Dynamics and the practical application of the Enneagram in team and group coaching and development.

What do you learn in this training?

Over the four-day workshop, accredited iEQ9 practitioners are able to develop their understanding of the Enneagram as a lens on team dynamics and access powerful techniques to empower teams and enhance their effectiveness. The interplay between the individual and the collective opens up a deeper fractal of Enneagram dynamics, offering powerful pathways to transformation.

This training is appropriate for team coaches, leaders, team development specialists and OD practitioners who want to use the Enneagram to support the teams and their members in developing their health, effectiveness, interpersonal dynamics and ability to deliver exceptional results.

Only available to accredited iEQ9 practitioners.

  • 4 Days of advanced Enneagram and group dynamics training
  • Comprehensive Integrative Enneagram workbook
  • Starter pack of 2x iEQ9 Team Reports
  • Access to the iEQ9 Team Exploration Kit, including slides and a Team Report debrief process
  • Ongoing development, support and advice as an accredited iEQ9 Practitioner.

The Integrative Enneagram Training programme is ICF and IEA accredited. Delegates receive 36.00 ICF CCEU points on successful completion of the training and case study submission.

  • Core Competencies 29.25
  • Resource Development 6.75

Team Dynamics vs. Individual Dynamics

  • The interplay between individual and team dynamics
  • Understanding team health and team effectiveness
  • Enneagram constructs relevant to team dynamics
  • Team coaching vs. team development vs. team building
  • Issue-based team development and coaching
  • The team development process
  • Leadership dynamics
  • Dealing with “problem” team members

Designing team coaching and development processes

  • Introduction to design thinking
  • Designing sessions that stick and make a real difference to team issues
  • Liberating structures for team development and coaching
  • Design do’s and don’ts
  • Design Practise Session: Case study work in teams
  • Feedback on case study presentations
  • The psychodynamics of design

Facilitating team coaching and development processes

  • The role of the facilitator/coach
  • Creating safe containers while doing real work
  • Making the most of learning opportunities: When dynamics happen in the room
  • Getting healthy/effective participation from everyone
  • When to get out of the way: Allowing real work
  • Facilitation Practice Session: Case study work in teams
  • Feedback on case study facilitation session
  • Outside the coaching and development environment: Making commitments sustainable
  • Personal reflection and development plan

Upon successful completion of this training, you will have access to our innovative iEQ9 Team Exploration Kit, designed to support you in facilitating client teams through the debrief and development process. In addition, all Level 2 graduates have access to advanced skills development and will have first option on the opportunity to be upskilled in future Advanced and Team Enneagram offerings.

I found the advanced training workshop so useful to hone in on my understanding of the Enneagram. I feel so much more confident now to take the Enneagram to my team at work. The group work makes the course very real and practical for me.

Joss Du Trevou

Using enneagram in an executive team located across two continents and a global business, a multi-million pound blind spot was uncovered. Processes and relationships that had been taken for granted were looked at in a new light. The insight that the Enneagram brought to the team enabled understanding for the structural and strategic change needed. As the facilitator who had been working with this team for a few years, it was profound.

Andrew Johnstone

The combination of group experience and theory were great. The interaction of people passionate and knowledgeable about the Enneagram was a wonderful experience. I learnt a lot and gained practical knowledge.

Annelien Nieman

A big thank you to Dirk and his team for producing a great resource! I have found Integrative to offer the best Enneagram Questionnaire available and have used both the individual and team reports extensively in my practice. The resource that Integrative shares with me as a client is of exceptionally high quality and extremely informative. Integrative has successfully translated the Enneagram into an accessible language that both individuals and organizations can use to understand themselves and others!

Sandra Ansorge

I am so grateful for the contribution Integrative has made to the Enneagram. The synthesis and decoding of complex information into something that is accessible is a great service to me and the clients I work with. I am very excited by the team report and the many ways in which it can support team development.

Jane Tough


  • https://www.vlaio.be/nl/subsidies-financiering/kmo-portefeuille
  • kleine onderneming: 40% met max 10.000 euro/jaar (< 50 VTE, omzet < of = 10.000.000 euro, balanstotaal < of = 10.000.000 euro)
  • middelgrote onderneming: 30% met max 15.000 euro/jaar (< 250 VTE, omzet < of = 50.000.000 euro, balanstotaal < of = 43.000.000 euro)


  • http://werk-economie-emploi.brussels/fr/prime-formation
  • % de l’aide: 50% du coût de la formation
  • montant minimum de l’aide : 500 euro/formation
  • montant maximum de l’aide : 3.000 euro/formation
  • nombre maximum d’aide : 3 formations/année civile
  • ATTENTION: le formulaire pour la demande de la prime doit être envoyé au plus tard un mois avant le début de la formation


Please request to start the grant application no later than 5 working days before the start of training. Please pay the remaining amount (accommodation and VAT) immediately after receipt of the invoice, on behalf of The Coaching Square, at least 5 working days before the start of training.

Questions? Please contact us on contact@coachingsquare.be.

  1. Prix pour la formation ENNEAGRAM: Level 2 Advanced Team Dynamics (ENG) | 4d : €  2200 (+ 21% TVA)
  2. Prix pour la restauration et pour utilisation des lieux exclus € 285 (+ 21% TVA) & exclusief BTW

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